Friday, July 07, 2006

Veggies & Word Play - July 6

Our (VI and my) weekly CSA thing got pushed back to Thursday because of July 4th.

I couldn't make the pickup, because of my Thursday ICNY commitments. I hadn't seen either of my conversation partners in two weeks and I couldn't miss three weeks in a row.

My volunteer duties fulfilled, I headed down to the IFC Center to catch the 9 o'clock showing of Word Play. Click for more nerdy details.

I felt a kinship with these folks. It almost felt like I was watching scenes from the Origami USA convention I'd just attended two weeks prior. Looking forward to seeing my folding friends next year.

Since I'm talking about wordplay, an explanation of what the title of this blog means. "Ich will dir mein Herze schenken" is the 1st line to an aria (soprano) sung about a half hour into Bach's St. Matthew Passion (one of my two favorite Bach pieces, the other being the Goldberg Variations). Loosely translated from German it means, "I will give my heart to thee". And the line right after is "Sang für dich". Try putting that into the translator. :)


vipnyc said...

Wow, tags galore! Thanks for the shoutout, though I take some issue with the "nerdy details" depiction. Well, that's Sang für dich.

newnorth said...